image credit (clockwise from upper left) : Eric Cox, Valyntina Grenier, Matthew Goodall, James Hernandez, Kyllan Maney


Opening: First Friday, December 4

On View: December 4 - 15, 2015

{9} The Gallery and Artelshow are pleased to present Tiny Works | Tiny Dances, featuring over 70 visual artists whose work is sized 12" x 12" or under, priced $300 or less.

Captivating the viewer with over 100 works that will be presented salon style, Tiny Works brings mid-career and emerging artists together in an affordable way for the new or seasoned art collector. The range of contemporary work includes encaustic, oil, drawings, photography, collage, mixed media and sculpture. All works can be taken home during the opening presentation of the show. 

CONDER/dance will be producing four “Tiny Dances” performed by: Elisa Marie Cavallero, Liliana Gomez and Nicole L. Olson.
All new works are choreographed to be performed within the confines of a 4’x4’ stage on Opening Night, with performance sets at 7:30pm, 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

curated by Artelshow and {9} The Gallery
with TINY DANCES produced by CONDER/dance


90 visual artists:

Abe Zucca
Aileen Frick
Alison Sweet
Amanda Adkins
Amy Cannestra
Ann Osgood
Ann Van Doren
Azalea Patricia Rodriguez
Benjamin Goens
Bianka GG Alban
Bill Dambrova
Brenda Edwards
Catherine Slye
Christopher Harris
Cindy Schnackel
Curt Walters
Dan Nearing
Daniel Shepherd
Danielle Wood
Dean Reynolds
Delaney Dickerson
Denise Yaghmourian
Diego Perez
Doug Bale
Edward Taylor
Eric Babcock
Eric Cox
Eric Hodgins
Fred Tieken
Geoff Gildner
Hazel Michelle "Shelley" Caniglia
Heather Kadar
Holly Anderson
James Hernandez
Janel Garza
Jason Hugger
Jeanna Delfin
Jenna Garcia
Jessica Palomo
Joanna Proffitt
Joe Holdren
Joseph Mark Hanson
Joseph Podlesnik
Kali Canedo
Katharine Leigh Simpson
Kathy Taylor
Kimber Jones
Kris Manzanares
Kyllan Maney
Larry Willis
Laura Spalding Best
Lee Davis
Lily Reeves Montgomery
Lora Barnhiser
Lori Landis
Mackenzie Schneider
Malena Barnhart
Mar Williams
Margarete Beeson
Marilyn Szabo
Matthew Goodall
Matthew Mosher
Megan Koth
Meghan Ohlinger
Melinda Foote
Mikey Jackson
Monica Villarreal
Neonta Lynn Smith
Page Turner
Paige Reesor
Pete Deise
Philip Manning
Rachelle Olsen-Veal
Rebecca Hollingsworth
Rembrandt Quilballo
Richard Bledsoe
Shelley Whiting
Shiyuan Xu
Steve Weiss
Steve Wesby
Tad Smith
Takashi Hara
Tara Sharpe
Tato Caraveo
Travis Ivey
Turner Davis
Valerie Hunt
Valyntina Grenier
Yuko Yabuki

TINY WORKS will be on view at {9} The Gallery in the main gallery until December 15. Remaining works will be on view and for sale in the middle gallery until December 29.

curated by Artelshow and {9} The Gallery
with TINY DANCES produced by CONDER/dance